cigarette smoking) and genetic factors contribute to the development of pulmonary fibrosis, the molecular mechanisms underlying the disease have proven difficult to understand. In 2019, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be implanted in the business platform creating and empowering savvy business operations.

It is surprising how many scientific discoveries and passing of milestones takes place in just six months. For the first time ever, all our scientific units now stem from universal constants—ensuring a more accurate era of measurement.

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No more: In 2019, scientists agreed to adopt a new kilogram definition based on a fundamental factor in physics called Planck’s constant and the improved definitions for the units of electrical current, temperature, and the number of particles in a given substance. 1986 Twitter/@bendhalpern.

All things considered, 2019 is shaping up to be an enthralling year for science and technology. Here, we review 10 of the best scientific breakthroughs that made … ONLINE COVER More than one million people worldwide suffer from pulmonary fibrosis, a deadly disease in which damage in the lungs creates scar tissue that interferes with the lungs' function. See how science is making today’s news. In the Artificial Intelligence space, China is going to leave the US behind, rising as an innovator in AI advancements and applications.

11 Amazing Scientific Events That Have Happened In 2019, Other Than The Black Hole We are all in awe at the first photographed black hole! While both environmental (e.g. Apr 15, 2019. The microbes inside you, the edges of the known universe, and all the amazing stuff in between. Troy University . Get the latest science news and learn about scientific breakthroughs and discoveries from around the world.