The Toyota Sera holds a special place in my heart. Top 10: Flying F1 Cars. 7:52 Now Playing. Highlights: F1 Esports - Canada Virtual Grand Prix .

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Esports mayhem! But, if you stripped them of their liveries, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. F1 Drivers Word Association: Part 1. Weirdest F1 retirements Posted on .

2:10 Now Playing. Before the majority of 2020 cars break cover, he’s picked out the five weirdest launches he saw first hand… Here are some of the strangest cars ever to grace an F1 circuit, featuring Tyrrell, Lotus, Brabham and Ensign. 1990 Toyota Sera. Top 10: Weirdest F1 Retirements. Download the Official F1 App. Half the 2015 Formula 1 grid has been unveiled this week and they all look very impressive. Ferrari had a go at the idea with the 1977 Ferrari 312T6, which ran four tyres on a single rear axle but it was too wide and unreliable and never raced.

15:40 Now Playing. 5:08 Now Playing. March (2-4-0) and Williams (FW07D and FW08B) both tested six-wheelers with four wheels on two driven rear axles, though they also never competed. Top 5 weirdest-looking F1 cars.

All the best bits from the F1 Virtual Grand Prix series. These are the 10 weirdest and most bizarre cars ever made. Car designs change all the time in motorsports, but not like they used to. 6.1M Views. Bizarre liveries, warring team-mates, oddball owners and, of course, the Spice Girls – there have been some very strange new car launches over the years, most of them witnessed by F1 Hall of Fame journalist David Tremayne. Top 5 weirdest-looking F1 cars. The trouble is, the bodywork of a modern F1 car is designed purely for maximum aerodynamic effect – aesthetics don’t come into it. As a kid of the 1990s, the Sera was one of my favorite cars. 7th April 2010, 9:11 24th August 2015, 0:25 | Written by Greg Morland. Top 10: Moments of Alain Prost Brilliance. Greg – better known as Ned Flanders in the comments – makes his debut as an F1 Fanatic guest writer by picking ten of the oddest causes of driver retirements. For the 1971 F1 season, March's Frank Costin came up with a new front wing design called "Spitfire."

Hamilton harpooned Raikkonen's Ferrari in the Montreal pits in 2008 . Six-wheeled F1 cars were eventually banned, but not until much later.